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The Shift

Logline: A jaded nurse struggles to train an idealistic new grad, care for a suffering little girl asking for peace, and deal with the haunting memories of his younger brother's drowning on what turns out to be the worst 12 hour shift of his life.

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Plot Outline: THE SHIFT is the story of one 12-hour night shift in the ER where a veteran nurse, who struggles with the haunting guilt of his brother’s drowning, is forced to train a new nurse. The veteran nurse, Kayle, and the new nurse, Amanda, are at odds throughout the story because, while they both struggle with the spiritual turmoil of what is right and wrong, they have both come to very different conclusions. Kayle believes in doing whatever is best for the patient, even if that means letting them rest in peace. Amanda believes you should fight for everyone until there is nothing left. While Kayle and Amanda take care of several patients that night, there is one patient, a young girl named Emily, who makes them question their beliefs. Emily is dying of cancer and has come to the ER due to another infection. The dichotomy of Emily’s bravery and her mother’s distress eats at the hearts of the two nurses. When Emily’s situation suddenly becomes more serious, Kayle and Amanda are forced to make impossible decisions.

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Creator of the project: Writer/Executive Producer/Lead Actor: Leonel Oliva, born and raised in Miami, FL, and a Graduate of the University of Miami School of Nursing, has been a practicing nurse for the past five years in both the ICU and ER. In addition to being a registered nurse, Leonel is a trained actor. On July 25th, 2009, Leonel officially became a graduate of the Sanford Meisner Studio in Burbank, California, having completed two intense years under the instruction of Alex Taylor. Always willing to lend a hand, Leonel maintains deep-rooted values of dedication, hard work, friendship and honesty that provide a fresh departure from the often cutthroat atmosphere of show business in LA. Still, his straightforward attitude, hard work and steadfast drive when it comes to acting have lead many of his friends to nickname him "The Business". www.leoneloliva.com

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M.A.D. Elephant’s first feature film THE SHIFT won the Audience Favorite - Best of Florida at the Palm Beach International Film Festival! For more information please visit: www.pbifilmfest.org



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